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  • Recruitment position:
    Quality department
  • Recruitment object:
  • Number of recruits:
  • Gender requirements:
  • Age requirements:
  • Educational requirements:
    Bachelor degree or a
  • Jobs Time:
    2021/06/17 0:00:00
  • End time:
    2023/06/17 0:00:00
  • Other requirements:
    Professional requirements: Chemical Engineering and technology, chemical engineering and technology, chemical engineering, material chemistry

    Job requirements: handling, feedback and tracking of product inspection standards and quality abnormalities; Management and maintenance of quality system.
  • Fringe benefits:
    1. Salary: Bachelor degree 50000 yuan / year - 70000 yuan / year; Master's degree 100000 yuan / year - 150000 yuan / year; Doctor's salary is 180000 yuan / year - 260000 yuan / year, year-end performance salary and bonus.
    2. Pay "five insurances and one fund".
    3. Free accommodation.
    4. Welfare: holiday expenses, telephone expenses, health and labor insurance expenses, etc.
    5. Preferential policies and treatment provided by government departments.

    Company address: baishayang, Fushan Industrial Park, Zhangping City, Fujian Province
    Tel.: 0597-7773002 0597-7772886
    Email: zhb7772886@163.com
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